"I have a lovely cat to my heart, but I have a very annoyed neighbor. One day he stole it in front of my house, and I knew that he threw it about 150 kilometers from the house. I wonder: Do cats remember their owners?"
Do cats remember their owners
Based on recent experience, cats have a perfect long-term memory. They can remember events and people that have passed many years
Not only that, but cats can remember their positive and negative feelings about certain situations, and can use some of the tools they used to use many times, which indicates their ability to learn quickly.

All of these acts responsible for the memory center, so if you wonder if cats remember their owners, the answer is yes, remember cats owner, whether it is a human or animal also and amazingly may be beyond imagination.

Some scientists even confirm that the memory of cats is 200 times the memory of a dog!

Scientists have tried once to train dogs and cats in one action at a time.

The difference was in the usefulness of the action that cats remember, dogs can recognize the activities that benefit you and want to train them, while cats remember the steps that benefit them personally and help them stay.
Long-term memory and short-term memory in cats
Long-term memory is much more powerful and accurate in cats than short-term memory, so cats may be affected by a situation that stays in their minds throughout their lifetime and does not change quickly.

For example, a cat may be subjected to a negative attitude towards a man or woman, which makes her hate all men or women throughout her life regardless of their actions with her.

So you may notice that your cat is more attracted to men than women or vice versa after experiencing a lousy experience saved in her memory.

Your cat may also fear certain situations, animals, or things that are specific to a particular situation throughout its lifetime because of the accuracy of its long-term memory.

An example is street cats, who may accept you if you give them some food and if they are hungry, but they will run right in front of you if you try to pat them or play with them because they have a bad experience with humans you will not be able to change.

A memory of feelings in cats
Cats can store and remember acts of hate and fear very dramatically.

For example, if you scare your cat and succeed, you will never be able to change her impression, and you will notice that she will run in front of you any time you see it.

So if you have young children playing with your cat by attracting its tail, you will notice that your cat runs away in front of any small child.

Worse, your cat may attack young children anywhere they meet because they are associated with feelings of hate that are marked by the sentiments of cats.
Instinctive memory in cats
In addition to the living memory of cats that help them to remember their owners and remember the different situations, the cat has an automatic memory of her ancestors, and this memory is responsible for many of the actions of cats.

Although the cats we acquire today are domesticated, they still have an instinctive memory that helps them do different traditional actions involving all cats.

There are various acts such as chasing, hunting, burying food, etc., which are due to the instinctive memory of cats because of the actions inherited from her ancestors who lived in the wild.
Now you can quickly answer the question, "Do cats remember their owners?" More accurately and more confidently.

Cats also mourn the loss of their owners, as well as the loss of cats and other animals that live with them in their homes.

You may have noticed that your cat suddenly became sad when a family member died or when one of her children died, or her young children were taken away.

Feelings of sadness in cats are expressed by loss of appetite, not using the litter box, and sometimes by aggressive behavior and attacking members of the house for no reason.

Therefore, based on the information we have given you about cats' memory, be sure to handle your cat well because it will store these actions for long periods and possibly forever, so you should pay attention to all your activities with them.