Cats animals with great feelings This is a fact you have to know, but you may ask yourself, Do cats smile to express her feelings? Although the question may seem strange, cats are smiling, laughing, and crying too.

Cats express their feelings in many ways. They may differ somewhat from the way humans express their opinions, but in the end, they have feelings just like us.

So the answer to the question is yes cats laugh and smile like us, but how cats laugh and how cats express their joy and pleasure with something that this is what we will show you in this article in detail
Cats laugh by their distinctive meow
Cat meow may be an indication of extreme stress or sadness, as well as an indication of pain.

But cat cats are one-way cats smile and laugh.

If your cat is in a good mood, you may suddenly find it watering in a distinctive and fun way.

Have you joking and playing with your cat I found water is distinctive and different .. This is one of the ways cats smile and laughter.

Your cat at this time wants to tell you she is happy in her way.

Pleasing meow is often loud and discernible because low meow is usually a sign of sadness
Do cats smile? Yes by the tail movement
The cat's tail tells you a lot about its mood. This is one of the facts that very few cat breeders know.

The cat expresses many feelings through the movement of its tail. The trembling tail indicates the anxiety and uncertainty of something, and the middle tail heading towards you indicates your cat is welcome.

But when the cat lifts its tail, it scratches its body in your foot or your hands. This indicates love and happiness in your cat.

So when your cat moves its tail this way, it shows how happy she is and smiles, but in her very own style.
The sound of purring or "cat purl" is a sign of happiness and comfort
Cat clurring is a distinctive sound that a cat makes from her chest when she feels happy, comfortable, and at ease.

The sound of purring is the most common factor observed by all cat breeders of all ages.

When the cat makes this quiet low sound from inside the chest, which resembles purl or the sound of the fan or the so-called cat clearing, this is a sign of laughter and pleasure and happiness.

The cats make this sound during meals or immediately after the sign of satiety, and they do when you want to approach you and spend some time with you as if you say that they love you and comfort for your existence.
Smile the cat through the eyes
Small cats smile a lot through the eyes too

Did you notice the shine of your cat's eyes suddenly while playing and having fun with you?

Have you seen your cat and her eyes suddenly shine while playing with her favorite games?

Therefore, the shine of the eyes of the cats indicates her smile and laughter because they are passing happy moments.

Also, when the cat closes its eyes slowly and opens it looking at you. This indicates that it tells you that she loves you!

Cats laughed by body language
Are cats smiling through her body? The answer is yes.

One of how a cat expresses its reassurance to the person sitting with her is to let her touch her body, especially the abdominal area.

Did your cat play with you and then suddenly found her body running around you and revealing her stomach?

This shows her comfort and love for you because the abdominal area is the most area that needs protection and enjoys high privacy in cats and animals in general.

So when your cat sleeps on her back and lets you caress her belly, this indicates the highest degree of confidence in you.