What do kittens eat? Today, we offer you a way to eat kittens that are one or two months old. If you love cat breeding and buying it at home, you should know everything about pet care and how to breed in detail, especially newborn kittens in the first two months of her age, where she needs special care and great attention. Also, one of the most important things you should know well, eating kittens are one or two months old, as they do not eat any food, and their stomach does not accommodate beef milk, because it can cause them serious digestive problems. In this article, we review everything about eating Small cats in different stages of life.
What do small cats eat? Because of their young age and the need for multiple nutrients, small cats need to eat a month to grow healthy and healthy. They rely mainly on milk, whether they are breast milk or alternative milk, which is recognized by the veterinarian or animal welfare centres. It is intended for eating cats a month or two months old and is not recommended to provide cow or buffalo milk for the small cat, as it causes her stomach problems. You can also offer some solid meals, "Dray Food" to eat small cats a month old, and humans eat some snacks, but in small quantities, so as not to harm the stomach of newborn kittens, and gradually begin to provide more types of food as they age. The mother feeds cat food from one to three days of age or 3 ml of liquid milk diluted with water every two hours throughout the day, and cats at the period of four days to a week, represented in 5 ml of diluted juice ten times distributed over the Today.
 On the eighth day until the completion of ten days of age, can be served 7 ml of milk ten times a day, and after the tenth day until the end of two weeks of age, kittens need 13 ml of milk every three hours. On the 15th day until three weeks of age, cats need 10 millilitres of milk eight times distributed throughout the day, and solid food is started in small quantities for cats older than 21 days. Eating small cats two months old: - As we learned to eat small cats a month past, we must also learn to eat small cats two months old, where the way of feeding a little, where you can provide some of the foods available at home, cats love fish, and loves chicken, and can Make some chicken bones, as the bones are soft and comfortable to chew and crack on two-month-old kittens. You can also provide some pieces of salmon, tuna and fish bones, as well as cooked kittens like spinach, as it gives them with iron necessary for healthy and healthy growth, also can provide small amounts of meat and bread, and vegetable soup, which contains medium-sized pieces of different types of vegetables , Well cooked with chicken or meat stock. Keeping in mind that the older cats are, the less they need dairy, as their stomach cannot digest it, and they need more solid food, meat, chicken, cooked fish, and other home-based foods, which can be presented as small cat food. She is two months old. Eating small cats a month or two months: - For anyone who owns a cat, be careful to know eating small cats a month or two months, can provide several different types of small cats, and prefer to consult the veterinarian inappropriate foods, where the nature of each cat from the other, and for example. Small cats need foods that contain an amino acid called "taurine", which helps the safety of her eyes and heart and can be obtained from one of the companies known cat food, as they are guaranteed and contain the necessary nutrients.
Care should also be taken to provide water to cats continuously, especially in the summer and high temperatures, and the allocation of a suitable container to put water for the cat. Whenever the pool is empty or lower, the vessel is refilled again, while maintaining the visit of the veterinarian periodically, to check on Cat safety, vaccinated continuously. Cats succeed in securing a suitable place for them to spend their needs and provide ways of comfort. Also, a bowl for food and a container for water is placed in this place. Cats can take care of themselves and their young, pay attention to visit the veterinarian, especially if any signs of the disease, especially Appetite for food.
Meals for small cats 2 months old: - You can also prepare several meals for small cats, two months old, such as cooked salmon meal, which is made by using 100 grams of smoked salmon, and a cup of boiled vegetable variety, and 2 eggs, and a quarter cup skimmed milk, In addition to a quarter cup of grated cheese. You can also prepare a meal of meat crumb, which is developed using pieces of minced meat or small parts, pieces of bread, a glass of water or stock, and is served to small cats two months old, in case they used to eat solid food. You can also prepare a vegetable soup meal, which consists of small pieces of vegetables (potatoes - carrots - zucchini), and add the broth and cook well, and can add small pieces of chicken to the recipe, note that the carrots are one of the most delicious meals preferred by cats. Care should be taken to avoid adding onions or garlic in cat food, especially eating cats aged one or two months, as it can cause severe damage and possibly even death.