Introducing strange and new dogs to each other at home can be a rather tricky task, especially in the case of different breeds of dogs and their diversity, as well as different natures and behavior of dogs.

Bringing a new dog to your current dog that you raise in your home, or delivering an exotic dog to another in a modern, on the beach or the street while strolling is a unique experience for you and your dog.

Different personalities of pet breeders and lovers, which affect the process of dating dogs, may resort to some wrong ways, and others may be afraid to provide some dogs to each other as a result of some misinformation they have.

In this article, we will show you how to present new and exotic dogs to each other in your home in a safe manner and without any problems or injuries.
How to make new and exotic dogs to each other at home
When you have a new dog in your house, your old dog will defend his house and may start attacking the new guest.

Dogs are dominant animals, and they instinctively defend what they think is theirs. Like the house you live in and even the members of the house, including you.

So when you bring exotic and new dogs to each other at home, you need to know how it is done correctly.

Dogs rely on smell in determining where they control as dogs have a strong and very developed sense of smell. So the technique of getting acquainted with dogs that we will explain depends mainly on this sense.

If you rely on the eyesight of dogs to introduce them to each other, it will create an immediate quarrel and snarl and may develop into unpleasant money.
Step 1: Equip an isolated place such as a closed room or crate for dogs
Separate dog areas when preparing a new dog. It is possible to use cages to separate dogs, or it is possible to specify a separate room for the new dog.

The idea is not to expose the dogs to visual contact, but at the same time, the dogs will explore the smell, knowing that there is a new dog in the vicinity of the place.

Then isolate the new dog in the room or cage and place some of your old dog's toys in the new dog's office, or perhaps a blanket or mattress that the old dog uses to sleep.

Then, after two or more hours, return these toys to your old dog, and then repeat the process several times a day every two or three hours.

In this way, the two dogs will get to know each other by smell, which is the best way to get acquainted with the world of animals.

Step 2: Start by allowing the new dog to roam in your home alone
After a day or two in using toys and switching between dogs, go for the second step.

Leave the new dog around the house while isolating the old dog in a separate room. This way, the new dog will get used to the house in the presence of the smell of the old dog, as well as leave the fresh dog smell at home.

After two hours, you can leave your old dog around the house to walk around freely with the new dog locked up, until the old dog begins to explore the changes in the house and the presence of the new dog by smell only.

Avoid any visual contact, as this may create a big battle between the two dogs. Make sure the dog is wholly isolated at this stage.
Switch between the two dogs for several days, but each time you have to calm down the dog walking around the house because he will start to explore the presence of a strange dog and may get angry and start snarling because he will think that the dog is an intruder wants to steal his house.

Interacting with the dog, calming it down, and playing with it will make him understand that it is okay, and that way, he will start to get used to the presence of the other dog he has not yet seen.

To find out if your old dog is accustomed to the smell of the new dog or not, you should watch him as he goes out to explore the house after hiding the new dog. If you don't notice that the old dog shows any signs of anger or anxiety when exploring the house, this is the right moment to introduce the new dog.
Step 3: Start a visual meeting away from home
When you bring dogs to each other for the first time, it should not be done inside your home. You can do this in a park or an open space far from your home.

Insert one of the dogs into the dating area, then take him out and bring the other dog into the same area until he finds the smell of the old dog that he already knows and is familiar with within your home.

In this way and because the place is open and does not belong to one of them, the interview in this way will be safe because the two dogs do not consider the location of their possessions and distinguish only the smell of each other, and therefore smell familiar to them in a strange place.

The dog will think that this smell of a friend, which will facilitate the process of acquaintance, and the next step is to introduce the two dogs to each other.

Introduce the two dogs to each other and observe their behavior, preferably with someone at this stage.

You will notice that the two dogs are confidently progressing and greeting each other without any problems in 90% of the cases and will spend some time playing, and in this way, you will be able to go to the dog's home with ease.

In some rare cases, there may be some quarrel; then, you have to calm the two dogs and start playing with them some familiar games that contain the smell of the two dogs to understand that there is no danger from each other.
You will notice that the two dogs will progress confidently and greet each other without any problems.

This is a safe way of introducing exotic and new dogs to each other. Dog experts recommend this method so that you can add a new dog to your home without any problems or violent fights between dogs.