Cats help you feel cheerful when you're in a bad mood and help calm you down when you're flustered.

What is the secret in cats that lead you to this good feeling?

Maybe it is the sound of purring, the way you lay in your stone when you read a book, or perhaps it's the soft fur or the beautiful eyes, or the way you move around your head to wake you up.

Whatever cats do, the American author Anne Petrangelo's article on Care2 confirms that scientific studies show cats are right for your health and temper your mood.

1. Reduce stress and anxiety
"Cat breeders have a lot of mental health benefits," says Sandy Laird, director of animal welfare in North Texas. "Cat care and cuddling can reduce stress levels.
"Having a cat can reduce feelings like anxiety, loneliness, depression, or even frustration," Michelle Tapia, a specialist in marriage and family, told Care2. "As a result, some therapists are keen to acquire # pets" for emotional support. As part of their practice to treating their patients. "

2. Low companionship costs
According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, pets can provide social and emotional support for almost anyone.

"A low-cost lifestyle for cats can relieve the stress of your stressful life and provide companionship even if you live in a residential compound where dogs are forbidden," says Kelly Mester-Yeter.

"Cats are also the perfect companion for those who live in big cities where large areas for dogs are few and far between."

Kelly, an author and animal welfare activist, explains that she believes that adopting cats from shelters can provide a sense of comfort, since saving an animal in need of help.

"Unlike dogs, caring for cats is low-cost," Laird said. "If the working hours are longer, the cat will be fine at home and still happy to greet their owners when they return."

3. Relieve loneliness
 "Cats have given me love and saved my life through my divine several times about gloomy and dark thoughts (and this is what dogs do too.) I can say that without my cats, I wouldn't have been here. ".

"There is also a feeling of unconditional (generally) contact between the cat and the owner. For many times, the cat is the companion, which provides a life goal for someone who is depressed or even has suicidal tendencies,"

This simple question, often asked by depressed people and on the verge of a hole in action, could be decimated. Hence, "cats are young healers."

4. Cats are a natural source for entertainment
Cats are famous online and are popular, as it is almost impossible to spend any time on the Internet without encountering a video about a cat, dancing or hiding in boxes or bags, jumping, climbing and chasing things dazzlingly or comically. It is hard to keep watching without a smile or bursting into laughter.

Cats are the best creatures that enable you to be more cheerful, even on your worst days.

5. Cats provide excellent protection for your heart
The relative risk of death from a heart attack was 40 per cent higher for people who had never raised a child, a University of Minnesota study found. The research shows that 5.8% of those without cats died of a heart attack, compared with only 3.4% of cat owners.

The researchers also reviewed an extensive national database aimed at identifying risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The study indicated a lower risk of heart attack for cat owners or even those who had cats.