The dog is a pet that many people prefer to own at home and because it is a fuller animal, but sometimes it may do things that harm the dog.
First, choose the wrong ring.
Many placed around the dog's neck to control it. Sometimes these collars are so extensive that they may get away from them.
- Second: Do not leave the dog in the car.
According to research from inside the car is very high temperature and even if left open for 10 minutes will rise to 20 degrees, and the dog, unlike humans, can not withstand the high heat.
Third, do not punish the dog physically.
Yes, you must punish the dog, but you should not use corporal punishment and do not exploit any animal in this way. It is possible to punish him by not allowing him to approach you and stay away. Corporal discipline makes the dog very fierce.
- Fourth: Do not leave your dog in a state of sleep.
Always try to change his activities and make him do different things like running and walking. He needs movement, not just movement. He must try new things like smelling beautiful smells. First playing with another pet.
- Fifth: Do not leave next to the dog, something that may harm him.
Dogs love adventure and play everything surrounding this sometimes makes them vulnerable to try not to leave something that may harm the dog next to him, for example, do not go next to the dog socks is a favorite game. Still, it is possible to swallow and stand in the course of breathing.
- Sixth: Do not allow the dog to eat everything.
Some humans put dogs to eat anything that is not true and may endanger the dog's stomach.
- Seventh: Take care of the cleanliness of the teeth of the dog.
Dog teeth are essential you should take care of them and interested in cleaning them with brushes and putty and of course the special dog brushes and select paste you will find in the market is different from what is used by man
Eighth: Keep the dog away from perfume.
It is also dangerous for dog perfume; it affects the dog's nerve centers and nausea.