Poisonous food in your refrigerator ... !!
You may be accustomed to hearing that toxins and diseases are chasing you everywhere, but the last thing you expect is the presence of those toxins in the vegetables and fruits you eat. That sounds strange at first sight, so we give you a list of ten foods that are not without any home, and research revealed that they contain deadly toxins.

Potatoes contain small quantities of a chemical that they produce, known as solanine. This substance is concentrated in the stem, leaves, and buds (also known as the eye). Potatoes provide these materials as a natural way to combat fungi and insects that may parasitize or feed on. As the potato grows, this substance accumulates, which causes it to turn green. Each potato tuber contains approximately 8-13 milligrams of solanine, and if the solanine content reaches 200 milligrams, it causes poisoning. Therefore, a lot of eating old potato pills, or making a drink of drenched potato leaves, causes hallucinations, hypothermia, nausea, and nervous system disorders. Sometimes it leads to death.

Cashew nuts
Cashews contain urushiol oil, which is the same oil found in the poisonous wort plant. This oil irritates and is considered one of the most effective toxic substances on earth. If there is a high concentration, it may lead to death. Cashews contain this substance, but only a lot of eating it in large quantities will affect it.

Egg whites
If you like an omelet, be sure to cook it thoroughly before eating it. Egg whites contain trypsin inhibitors, which prevent the body from digesting protein substances and lead to death slowly. Likewise, limy beans also contain these substances.

Fruit group
Almonds, cherries, apples, plums, and many seeds. These fruits are not dangerous in themselves but involve the same risk. The seeds of all of this fruit, when crushed or even rubbed, produce hydrogen cyanide. This article is the same article that was given to spies to kill themselves if they were arrested and their secret revealed, and often this substance was prepared from ground almonds. Hydrogen cyanide has another common historical name, prussic acid.

Shiitake mushrooms and mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms and mushrooms have vast amounts of carcinogenic compounds and are raw, uncooked. Research has recorded that mice were more likely to develop cancerous tumors when feeding on the fungi mentioned above.

Various types of vegetables
Regular cabbage, serrated cabbage (cabbage for salads), broccoli, Brussels cabbage, spinach, as well as peaches, strawberries, and pears, as well as cauliflower, bamboo sticks, and soy, contain substances that irritate the thyroid gland and prevent iodine from it. It also causes the pancreas to swell over time.